Encomia 36-37

The International Courtly Literature Society is pleased to announce the publication of Encomia: Bulletin bibliographique de la Société internationale de littérature courtoise, vols. 36-37. Editors are Logan E. Whalen and Rupert T. Pickens.

This double-volume of Encomia represents the second volume of the bulletin published in an online format. One of the most significant features of the online format is the ability to conduct electronic searches of keywords, eliminating the need for turning back and forth to indices. This capability should facilitate more efficient and precise research.

The bibliographies in this volume cover the years 2012–2013. Several branches of the International Courtly Literature Society have contributed bibliographical data here and we hope that those who did not will be able to submit material in the future. We wish to express our deepest appreciation to all the bibliographers, coordinators, and bibliographical correspondents for their diligence in gathering the information presented here. Since this volume appears later than originally scheduled, some of the bibliographers, members, and officers have changed since the entries were submitted.

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